Chapter Two

Eight Months Earlier:

It was near the end of 1984 and the same old rumors of war permeated the minds of the Washington leadership.  

“There’s the same old news again,” said a White House staffer.

Central Broadcasting Station, CBS, was telling the American people how the North Korean Great Leader was at it again. He said the U.S. military holding its yearly exercises was proving to be a threat to his country.  And, of course, he responded in kind with threating military strikes and, war.  But since he has cried and threatened so many times before, the U.S. has stopped taking him seriously – instead we just shrug it off and say his is nothing but a loudmouth having a tantrum.

“He’s not going to do anything. Besides, China and Russia won’t back him up, they will just let him hang himself and that will be the end of that,” said another White House staffer. But in South Korea, it was a whole different story. Every soldier in the T.O., Theater of Operations, knew that war was definitely coming and from all the indicators, it was going to be very soon.

Near the DMZ:

Under the cover of darkness, a five-man North Korean Special Operations deep strike team, led by Senior Lieutenant Lei Chung, made its way to their rally point.  They were part of an advance element of the NKPA, North Korean People’s Army. Their specific missions included murder, assassination, execution, seizure, destruction of communications and high value targets.  This team was one of the best of the best, the ultimate warriors.  

When Chung and his team reached the DMZ where they were to cross, their guide met them. He would take them through one of the infiltration tunnels to the other side, their objective; enter South Korea unnoticed. However, an unexpected contact almost put that plan in jeopardy.  As they came to the end of the underground tunnel, they encountered a ten-man South Korean patrol. Both teams reacted, but Chung and his team, were quicker. A sudden but short exchange of gunfire erupted resulting in the death of all ten men of the South Korean patrol.  Now Chung and his men had to move quickly. They thanked their escort and slipped silently into South Korea.  

With their first objective met, Chung led his team west toward their next rendezvous, a small submarine.  Its mission was to get them close to their first target area, the American air base located south of the Kum River – their first target designation, Kunsan Air Base.

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